How To Become A Licensed Plumber In New Hampshire – NH?

The plumbing industry is a growing industry. It’s not just growing since last year or in the near past, but this industry has been growing ever since, and it’s an evergreen job. It offers exciting careers. In fact, through proper education and training under the right master can lead to supermassive success than any other field.

Similarly, you can work under an organization, or by earning a master plumber, you can become a contractor and start a firm on your own in New Hampshire. So, if you are living in New Hampshire or shifting to this state and want to start an exciting career, plumbing awaits you. Without a doubt, plumbing offers high job security and competitive pay.

According to a survey, it will grow to 14% in upcoming years. This directly states that the field isn’t saturated, and it will grow much more master than other industries like an electrician or any other. Moreover, an average salary of a New Hampshire is $53,910/year, which is more than the median pay of a normal citizen in the country.

Just like other professions, the state of New Hampshire requires plumbers to get licensed before bidding or getting their hands dirty in the plumbing work. And, becoming a licensed plumber in NH takes longer than in some other states.

The journey starts from High School and will get through a trade school. You will get into an apprenticeship program – work under the supervision of a skilled master plumber, and after all, this journey will take several years before you reach the top.

However, it’s a journey worth making. A master plumber could be more than an average person, and they often have to do less to earn more. This guide will answer your question, “How To Become A Licensed Plumber In New Hampshire – NH.”

It’ll also show you how to apply for a license and where to get all the necessary education in New Hampshire before appearing in the master plumber license exam. Here is a complete guide to this subject.

Types Of Plumbing Licenses Available In New Hampshire:

Plumbing and other similar departments, like electricians, are under the control of the New Hampshire Fire Safety Division. They offer all kinds of licenses, and in the case of plumbing, the board provides three types of license, including;

  • Master plumber
  • Journeyman
  • Apprenticeship
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While Master Plumber is a top rank, an apprenticeship is for beginners.

As an apprentice, it’s your job to learn the basics and continue learning the advanced tools needed in plumbing work. It includes trade school theory classes and practical classes under the supervision of an authoritative master plumber. Moreover, you can perform basic tasks like pipe installation, project preparation, measurements, pipe cutting, and pipe bending.

After passing out from the apprenticeship program, you can apply for your first license – journeyman. A journeyman works under the supervision of a licensed master plumber; however, they can perform all plumbing-related tasks. In fact, if you don’t want to upgrade to the master level, you can be a journeyman plumber for life in New Hampshire.

After gaining experience and working under a master for more than 6 months, it’s time to apply for your own master plumber license. You can do all the heavy lifting on your own. Side by side, you can supervise apprentice and journeyman plumbers to earn some extra cash.

New Hampshire Different License Requirements:

New Hampshire Master Plumber License Requirements:

In New Hampshire, a master plumber is a professional who can hire plumbers to work or work independently to fix people’s homes. For business or becoming a plumbing contractor, you must need a master plumber license, which requires you to meet the below criteria;

  • A letter attested by a licensed plumber verifying the work that you worked under their supervision for 6 months as a journeyman plumber
  • A copy of New Hampshire journeyman license
  • For reciprocity, other state’s licenses – must pass the test
  • You and your employer contact information
  • ID card or state-issued driver’s license or passport
  • Recently taken 2” x 2” photo
  • $310 application processing fee – only check allowed
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New Hampshire Journeyman Plumber License Requirements

In New Hampshire, a journeyman plumber is someone who has worked at least 4 years as an apprentice and completed the necessary education. A journeyman can perform a list of jobs which includes installing plumbing and drainage under the supervision of a Master Plumber. Like the above license, you need to fulfill a certain criterion before becoming a plumber, it includes;

  • Copy of successfully completed apprenticeship certificate
  • Apprenticeship ID card
  • State Accredited college
  • At least 18 years old
  • A letter attested by a licensed plumber verifying the work that you worked under their supervision for 4 years, and now you’re competent to become a journeyman plumber
  • ID card or state issued driver’s license or passport
  • Recently taken 2” x 2” photo
  • $190 application processing fee – only check allowed

Plumbing Apprenticeship Permit Requirements

The state of New Hampshire requires you to start your plumbing career by taking baby steps in an apprenticeship. You can get apprenticeship credit if you’ve worked under a licensed plumber. More so, your work experience must be documented, and you must have an affidavit for proof of work. 

In contrast, you can start your career in an apprenticeship program for four straight years if you’re just starting out. An apprenticeship can also be completed with any plumbing employer who maintains apprenticeship standards with the state. 

Following this, you also need to fill some documents before starting the program, it includes;

  • Recently taken 2” x 2” photo
  • $90 application processing fee
  • ID card or state issued driver’s license or passport
  • You and your employer contact information

Best Plumbing Trade School In New Hampshire:

You can learn the ethics, basics, and professional plumbing through an institute, aka trade school. Following is the best trade school described; you can also explore other programs that provide online or offline education. Just remember, offline education is better;

  • Granite State Trade School – Plumbing Apprentice Program: The school is located near 42 Old Manchester Road, Raymond, NH 03077. You can ring (603) 895-4444 to get more information about this apprenticeship program; however, the course will cost you $1,700.
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What’s Included In The License Exam?

New Hampshire Master Plumber Exam

The master plumber exam is based on 100 MCQs questions, which are needed to be solved in 3 hours with a 75% passing score to obtain the license. Surprisingly, it’s an open book exam.

The Exam includes topics like;

  • Traps and Interceptors
  • Scope and Administration
  • Venting Requirements
  • Water Distribution
  • Drainage Requirements
  • Calculations;
  • Fixture and Faucets
  • Plumbing Fundamentals

New Hampshire Journeyman Plumbing Exam

In New Hampshire, the journeyman plumber exam contains 100 MCQs questions. You will have 3 hours to solve the question and obtain at least a 70% score to acquire the license. Surprisingly, it’s an open book exam.

The Exam includes topics like;

  • Water Distribution
  • Calculations
  • Plumbing Fundamentals
  • Scope and Administration
  • Traps and Interceptors
  • Drainage Requirements
  • Fixtures and Faucets
  • Venting Regulations

New Hampshire Plumbing License Reciprocity

License reciprocity agreements with other states are not available for those licensed as plumbers in another state seeking work in New Hampshire. Always remember that you must take the test and submit an application packet to obtain the license if you are a journeyman or master plumber in another state.

Maximum Plumber Salary in New Hampshire

Like other states, the maximum salary of plumbers in New Hampshire depends on your location. The maximum salary for a Hudson plumber is $62,399, while the maximum salary of a Rochester plumber is $58,703.


In New Hampshire, it takes at least four years to become a licensed plumber. You will learn every aspect of becoming a plumber over the course of four years. An experienced master plumber must train you on the job for thousands of hours.

When you have completed your apprenticeship, you must pass a licensing exam and pay a license fee. After that, you will become a licensed New Hampshire plumber and start making huge money.


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