How To Become A Licensed Plumber In Nevada – NV?

Being a licensed plumber means you’ll never sit bare-handed without any job. There would be constant opportunities in your career, and in fact, you will be more than the average median salary of an ordinary person in the US. More than that, the demand for plumbers is increasing gradually, so if you’ve to spend some time as an apprentice or in training, it’s worth taking.

Plumbing is more than just a job, and being a licensed plumber means you can start your own firm, start hiring people, and earn more. This industry definitely offers better pay. As previously mentioned, you can start your own company or work as an individual; the demand is never going to stop. It is a highly secure trade since plumbers will always have work as long as pipes and toilets need to be fixed.

That being said, becoming a plumber requires you to have educational certificates and a few other necessary requirements before starting out. Most conditions are more like other states, where you need a plumbing license, and a minor change occurs in requirements.

However, if you want to become a licensed plumber in the state of Nevada, you must meet some additional criteria exclusive to this state other than acquiring a license. Surprisingly, we’ve covered everything for you, and after reading the below requirement about “How To Become A Licensed Plumber In Nevada,” you’ll be able to apply if you meet the criteria.

Basic Requirements of Becoming A Licensed Plumbing Worker In Nevada – NV:

First of all, Nevada State Contractors Board (NSCB) handles all the construction and building management licenses. The board requires all individuals and contractors who are in any of the fields, including highway, road, parking facility, railroad, excavation, or other structure in Nevada, must have a license before taking any project. Or you may face penalties, even for hiring such employees.

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Narrowing down, all contractors, subcontractors, and specialty contractors must have a license before bidding on a tender. More so, the governing body issues license to;

  • Limited partnerships
  • Corporations
  • General partnerships
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Limited liability companies
  • Joint ventures

All in all, you will need to clear some examinations to acquire a license; and for that, you need education and knowledge about the examination and the level of license you’re applying for. Let’s have a look at them.

You Need To Have A High School Diploma Or GED Prior To Getting A Plumbing License In Nevada

Every profession requires you to have some basic high school diploma in order to understand the industrial level codes and norms. The same goes for plumbing; you need to have a High School level education or a GED.

Other than that, having a strong grip on subjects like science, math, the computer increases the chance of getting a license quickly. You can also take theory and practical classes for plumbing to understand the core basics of the industry thoroughly.

Nevada Journeyman And Master Plumber Requirements:

Unlike other states, the NSCB has clear and precise requirements for earning a plumbing license. They are simple, but all are necessary. So to become a journeyman, you must have worked for straight four years in a state-accredited institute that’s equal to 8,000 onsite experience. To appear in the license exam, an individual must provide;

  • Affidavit/proof of experience
  • $300 application processing fee
  • Associate fee
  • ID
  • Social security number

You need to mail or deliver the required documents to;

  • 501 Shatto Place, Suite 201
  • Los Angeles, Ca 90020

Journey Towards becoming A Licensed Plumber In Nevada:

The state of NE defines plumbing license in three types;

  • Apprentice license
  • Journeyman plumber license
  • Master plumber
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Becoming a Plumber Apprentice and Earning Your Initial License

Apprentice is not a license, though; it’s the gateway to becoming a licensed plumber in Nevada. In order to get a license, you must enroll in an apprenticeship program, or you can skip this if you’ve taken vocational or adult training. Further, the training continues for 4 years unless you get an education for 8,000 hours about plumbing.

Most importantly, your chosen program/institute/trade school must be registered with State. If you want to be an apprentice, you will require to enroll in a program and work under a master plumber to provide proof of experience while applying for your journeyman plumbing license. To get yourself going, you will need to submit documents, including;

  • Driving License copy
  • Birth certificate
  • Social security number
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Proof of experience

Also, you will need to get the necessary theoretical education to become a plumber. Your education may consist of;

  • Necessary tools needed for a specific job
  • Safety
  • Soldering pipes
  • Bending pipes
  • Pipe fitting
  • Cutting
  • Measurements

Becoming a Journeyman Plumber and Master Plumber – Earning Your Next Level License:

If you’re really interested in becoming a plumber, and you want to take this profession for life, a journeyman license awaits you. After completing your apprenticeship program training, you can become a journeyman plumber.

You need to follow the below steps to apply;

  • Application form along with $100 processing fee
  • Affidavit/proof of work experience of approx 8,000 hours
  • ID card/driving license
  • Pass the Open Book journeyman exam with at least a 75% score
  • Pass the Open Book CMS (construction management) exam with a 75% score

Similarly, the individual cost per exam is $95. However, you can pay $140 to take both exams. Moreover, you can take the exam on a computer or on paper; it’s your choice. 

  • Each exam has 100 MCQs questions
  • Each exam should be completed in 2 hours and 50 minutes
  • After that, there would be a closed book exam which contains 100 questions and a time frame of 1 hour and 45 minutes
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You will need to study various topics to pass the exam, including;

  • Installation Standards
  • Fixtures and Fixture Fittings
  • Sanitary Drainage
  • Water Supply
  • Fuel Gas
  • You may also need to study blueprints for some subjects to understand the topics clearly

After successfully getting your license, you must renew it every two years. The license renewal fee is $600 only.

On the other hand, if you want to be promoted to master plumber level, you need to meet the same journeyman application requirements and take part in the same exams with similar topics. However, NV divides plumbing contractors into three categories.

Classification Of Master Plumbing Contractors In the State Of Nevada:

Three types of contractor licenses are issued by the NSCB:

General Engineering Contractor:

Typically, a general engineering contractor specializes in projects that require specific engineering knowledge and skills.

General Building Contractor

A general contractor is primarily involved in constructing and remodeling structures and buildings, whether occupied by humans or animals.

Specialty Contractor

A contractor whose primary business involves the use of trades or crafts associated with the construction industry and who carries out construction work that requires specialized skills can be classified into 36 different categories. In fact, a manufacturer who constructs, alters, or repairs on-site is considered a specialty contractor.

You should always keep in mind that it’s illegal to bid on contracts without a proper contract license. If found guilty, you could be fined from $1,000 to $1,0000 depending upon offenses.

Nevada Plumbing License Reciprocity

Well, your license won’t work in the state of Nevada unless you get a contractor’s license and appear in the trade exam. Though Nevada offers license reciprocity from states, including California, Arizona, and Utah, only when it comes to reciprocity.

Average Salary Of Nevada Plumbers:

Plumbers’ earnings vary by city, just like any other profession. This is primarily due to the differences in the extent of development, the number of jobs performed, and the qualifications and experience of hired plumbers.

While it varies from city to city, the highest a Nevada plumber could earn is $59,579 in Las Vegas, which dramatically lowers to $48,916 if you live in Elko.


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