How to Become a Licensed Plumber in Maine? License Requirements and Guide

Becoming a licensed plumber in Maine is one of the most engaging trades. Its proficiency and licensing issue is a plain sailing procedure for the aspirant plumbers who want to profess plumbing as a trade. Maine has the following guideline to issue a journeyman and a master plumber license. Here, you will find everything you need to know about how to become a licensed plumber in Maine.

Basic Knowledge

Maine Professional and Financial Regulation are responsible for regulating plumbing license to the aspirants. In Maine, one must secure a trainee license working under the supervision of a Master Plumber. Only then, one can proceed with the licensing procedure of a Master Plumber, Journeyman Plumber, Trainee plumber, or Journeyman-in-training. A Master Plumber can have only 3 trainees at a time.

Technical Training

For a beginner’s level, there is no technical training. Maine requires aspirants to complete a one-year plumbing program from Maine Community College. Afterward, the aspirant has to pass an examination. Once the exam is passed, the aspirant would receive a mail licensing application form.

What work Can Be Done without a Plumbing License?

In Maine, a plumber without a license can make small repairs to plumbing works if any license is not being issued to him. Maine effectively oversight the licensed Master plumber and tends to regulate that the plumbing installation must only be executed by the Master plumbers.

How to Get a Plumbing License in Maine?


The apprenticeship is a long-term complete program that includes an educational course line and training experience. In Maine, apprenticeship needs to have an:

  • Average time of 2,000 hours of training-on-job.
  • To attend 246 hours in the classroom.
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The duration of the program is 2 to 6 years. One can enroll easily through a plumbers union. For an apprenticeship program, it is required to be trained under a licensed journeyman or master plumber.

Maine Trainee Plumbing License

The Trainee Plumber, or in the other words as referred by the state of Maine, the plumbing apprentice obtains a license at a fee structure which is $25 for Application Fee, $200 License fee, and $21 for checking criminal background.

The other requirement for the issuance of a license is that the aspirant would acquaint with the specific plumbing tasks under of either a journeyman or the master plumber.

It is complete licensure that is provided to on-job trainee learners. The preferred age for your trainee license is 16 years.

Maine Journeyman-in-Training License

To become a journeyman-in-training in Maine, the aspirant must have to enroll in a 1-year (2 semesters) plumbing program from any community college such as Eastern Maine Community College or Central Maine Community College, or any other community college approved by the Board.

After completion of the plumbing program, the aspirant must be trained under the supervision of the Master plumber.

To obtain the journeyman-in-training license, the aspirant must have to pass the required examination with a grade not less than 70 percentage.

Maine Plumbing Journeyman License

Many persons are pursuing their careers as Plumbing Journeyman in a stable working environment of Maine. Aspirants who want to go down with this particular license have to follow the cited rules and regulations to acquaint full licensure as a plumbing journeyman in the state of Maine.

For this, training is a prerequisite for competence. As for basic information, a journeyman is a licensed plumber who is capable to do any kind of plumbing repairs.

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Moreover, he can do the assorted installation as required by the plumbing particularly.

It is, therefore, imperative for the aspirants to get the following training hours to be done:

  • The aspirant is required to fulfill the prerequisite of 4,000 working hours as a licensed trainee person for a minimum of 2 years; Or
  • The aspirant is required to fulfill the prerequisite of 2,000 working hours as a licensed journeyman-in-training in at least 4 years of obtaining that license.

This whole procedure demands a reasonable amount of $25 application fee, $200 for the journeyman plumber license fee, and a $21 Fee for checking criminal background.

Maine Master Plumbing License

The Maine Master plumbing license is the highest-in-rank. It is a culmination margin in the plumbing career of Maine. Maine has specified educational and experienced criteria to acquaint full licensure of a Master plumber in its state.

As per Maine Policy Regulations the procedure for a Master Plumber license is delineated below:

The Master plumber must be either experienced working as a licensed journeyman plumber or licensed trainee plumber in the following working hours in compliance with the following data:

  • Having executed 2,000 working hours as a licensed journeyman plumber completed in a year of training; Or
  • Having executed 8,000 working hours as a licensed trainee plumber completed in 4 years of training.

Other basic information includes the fee structure for the issuance of Master plumber License in the state of Maine:

  • $25 application fee.
  • $200 for issuance of Master Plumbing License.
  • $21 for investigating the criminal background of the applicant.

Maine License Reciprocity

Maine has direct reciprocity with other states for the benefit of Maine licensed plumbers. However, this reciprocity is not a conventional contract between the states like Hampshire. But, it has been considered by the laws and rules of the plumber’s examining board that if the particular state meets Maine’s required standards of education and experience, the plumber acquaints the license reciprocity.

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License Renewal in Maine

In Maine, the renewal fee for the plumbing license is affordable at your expense. It will take your $100 for the renewal of the license of a trainee plumber and $200 for a journeyman or master plumber license renewal.

Additionally, all the plumbers must renew their plumbing license after every 2 years. Whereas, the journeyman-in-training license is a complete 4-year non-renewable license.

Insurance for Plumbing

The insurance policy for the plumbers of the state of Maine adds up the health and disability insurance. Plumbing repairs and heavy installations cause a great risk to the physical health and fitness of the plumbers as the work involves lifting weightage and other unhygienic conditions.

Furthermore, liability and property insurance are also recognized to be the insurance incentives for plumbers in Maine for the reason that sometimes plumbers meet accidents while repairing or installing plumbing in any property.

In Maine, the union or the company managed to come by with this insurance policy to the independent plumbers or their employees respectively.

Apprentice Jobs in Maine

If you are a resident in Maine, you can find an apprentice job by exploring indeed job finder. Where you can search through multiple numbers of job applications such as:

Nason Mechanical Systems 

Auburn, ME 04210

Temporary Mechanical Specialist Plumber CL2

University of Maine

Orono, ME 04469

Central Maine Medical – Plumber Senior


Lewiston, ME 04240

Salary of Plumber

In Maine, the salary of a plumber varies with the level of proficiency. The pay rate per hour for a trainee and journeyman-in-training plumber is $15. Whereas, the master plumber earns $50 per hour for their services.

The pay per hour depends on the level of experience. Entry-level plumbers have a low-rate income than the high-level plumbers who earn an average of $28.62 per hour.

The plumbers in Maine earn an average salary which is around $55316.


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