How to Become a Licensed Plumber In Wyoming – WY?

Wyoming does not control general contractor licenses; nevertheless, local municipalities are in charge of this.

The sort of job you’ll be doing will determine which of the three licenses you’ll require.

You may have to qualify for one of the following licenses to work as a contractor in Wyoming:

  • Class A General Contractor can perform any sort of construction, remodeling, or repair work on any size or style of structure.
  • Class B conduct any building, modification, or emergency repairs on family residential and commercial buildings under 2500 square feet and one story in size;
  • Class R Residential Contractor — they can do any method of building, remodeling, extension, or significant repairs on single-family connected dwellings and establishments with less than three stories.

Types of plumbers in Wyoming

Major types for which separate licenses are issued include:

  • Apprentice Plumber
  • Journeyman Plumber
  • Master Plumber
  • Plumbing Contractor

Requirements for a Master Plumbing License in Wyoming

The Master Plumbing license requirements in Wyoming may vary by town, so we recommend contacting your local government for more information.

Future master plumbers must, in general, complete the requisite extensive, hands-on experience as a journeyman plumber.

Visit to register for your Master Plumbers test, or call 1-877-234-6082.

Once you’ve passed your examinations, contact the county where you want to get a license and fill out a form for licensing.

Jackson, Wyoming 83001 Phone: (307) 733-0520 Fax: (307) 734-3563 Jackson- Town of Jackson Contractor License Application PO Box 1687, Jackson, Wyoming 83001.

Exam for Master Plumber

There are 100 questions on the Wyoming Master Plumbing Exam:

4% of the total – Management 7% – General Rules 6% – Fixtures account for 4% of the total. – Water Heaters accounted for 11% of the total. – 16 percent for water supply and distribution – 16 percent sanitary drainage – 7 percent vents – 1% Traps, Fighter planes, and Dividers – Storm Drainage is responsible for 27% of the total.

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Journeyman Plumbing License Requirements in Wyoming

A journeyman is defined by the county of Wyoming as a person who has completed a four- or five-year apprenticeship program to work on sewerage and sewage systems in both business and residential settings.

For becoming a journeyman plumber in Wyoming, you must complete the following steps:

  • Complete a four-year apprenticeship with a journeyman plumber to gain firsthand hands-on experience in the trade;
  • Take the journeyman plumber test and pass it;
  • To receive a license to work in Wyoming, contact the appropriate local authorities and apply for licensure.

Plumbing Journeyman Exam

The exam will set you back $105, and you’ll have to answer 70 queries.

You must get a 75 percent on this exam to pass, so study hard.

To assist you in studying for the license exam, you may use generalist journeyman plumbing test guides and plumbing practice exams. Here are the few essential topics covered in the Journeyman plumbing exam.

Practicals; Drainage Channels; Nozzles, Fixtures, and Fixtures; Tubes and Pipefitting; Drainage Systems; Trade Arithmetic; Vents and Blowing off steam Water Transmission and Distribution will be covered in the Wyoming plumbing test.

Plumbing Apprenticeship Qualifications in Wyoming

Choosing an apprenticeship program is the first move towards that new plumbing profession.

Choosing an apprenticeship program is the first move towards that new plumbing profession. Build Our Wyoming” has apprenticeship positions available.

Plumbing apprenticeship programs have different criteria depending on the supplier.

However, the following training combos are obligated:

Three to five years of practical experience under the direction of a qualified plumber;

Conventional classroom education for three to five years.

You will be compensated for the technical training you provide, but do not expect a massive salary since the compensation is often 50% of what you would earn if you were licensed.

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Apprenticeship jobs in Wyoming Plumbing

Build Our Wyoming has apprenticeship positions available. Speaking with someone who is currently practicing the profession or your area agent is also a possible choice. Other places to look for plumbing apprentice employment include:

Indeed, Glassdoor, Ziprecruiter, and Linkedin are examples of online job boards.

Making use of career centers at a plumbing trade school;

Plumbing companies that do cold calls.

Apprenticeships almost always include payment for the work training you complete. However, because the internship is an education program (and you do not have a license), the compensation is often 50% of what it would be if you were licensed in the state.

License Reciprocity

Because the state of Wyoming does not include license plumbers, reciprocity in licensing is determined by the municipality in which you plan to conduct.

This implies that it is entirely up to the local government, and although your license from some other jurisdiction could be accepted in Jackson, it might not be in Cheyenne.

Persons possessing a license from another jurisdiction will be required to complete some mixture of up-training and assessment to verify proficiency in the separate state and obtain the permit in most Wyoming communities.

Even if your license provides reciprocity, persons having a license from another state will almost always need to complete some mixture of up-training and examination to demonstrate proficiency in the new jurisdiction. You don’t want to waste time re-doing things that aren’t required, so set by the local authority or the Wyoming Association of Municipalities for licensing clarification to prevent double-dipping. Nonresident general contractors must also deposit a deposit with the Wyoming Department of Revenue, which is calculated based on the cost of their particular local authority.

License Renewal

Renewal is a popular request, and we recommend checking with your local council to see if you have to update your license and how much you must do so.

Renewal prices for a Wyoming professional plumber license vary by the municipality; for example, in Cheyenne, expenses for a Plumbing Contractor License are $75, and a Master Plumber license is $25.

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Salary of Plumbers in Wyoming

As of February 27, 2022, the median Plumber income in Wyoming is $52,908. However, the spectrum frequently ranges between $46,016 and $60,527. Respect to cost vary greatly based on the location and a variety of other essential areas such as transportation, licenses, supplementary talents, and the number of years you’ve worked in your field.

Plumbing Insurance in Wyoming

There are a few different structures to consider when it comes to Wyoming plumbing insurance. The one, your company, should depend on the size of the business, the dangers it faces, and the quantity of insurance it requires. A business owner’s policy, or BOP, is a basic Wyoming plumbing insurance policy for plumbers that often incorporates multiple coverage kinds into one. The following are examples of BOP plans:

  • General liability insurance. This is where claims for damages and injuries resulting from errors or accidents are handled while you or your workers are doing plumbing work.
  • Property insurance. Damage to tools or equipment is covered under this policy.
  • In the event of a loss of income, coverage is provided. If your business encounters a labor stoppage, this insurance kicks in and pays so you can continue in business and keep moving forward.

These aren’t the only forms of insurance you’ll require. To be entirely safeguarded from financial disaster, you must also search for more comprehensive, more extensive coverage. For example, you could wish to include:

Insurance for passenger trucks. This sort of coverage functions similarly to personal auto coverage, but it is specifically tailored for business use.

Insurance for workers’ health. This is essential for employees since it covers work-related medical expenses resulting from an injury or disease caused by the job. Employers must purchase it for all employee plumbers in Wyoming, although owners are exempt.

It is necessary to get liability insurance. Umbrella insurance, an extended liability policy, provides additional protection over and above your existing coverage.

Professional Licenses in Wyoming

The Wyoming state license database may be used to check for a license for a firm — or a person — to evaluate and confirm licensing standards that a potential hire holds.


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