How To Become A Licensed Plumber In Idaho – ID?

Are you planning to become a licensed plumber in Idaho? Then you will want to know the process. Here is how you can become a licensed plumber in Idaho.

Although distinct bodies handle the licensing, general contractors, fitters, and conductors must be licensed regionally. Contracting licenses are regulated by the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses, while the Idaho Division of Building Safety holds piping and wiring licenses. Those desiring to become certified plumbers in Idaho must meet the following requirements, according to the Idaho Division of Building and Safety:

What are the requirements for becoming a licensed plumber in Idaho?

Plumber’s Apprentice:

Anyone interested in becoming a plumbing mechanic in Idaho must first apply as a trainee with the Division of Building Safety by completing a signed Application for Plumbing Apprentice Registration along with the required fee. In Idaho, an apprentice plumber must engage in a four-year education program under the guidance of a journeyman construction worker while working for a plumbing firm. An apprentice plumber in Idaho must also complete at least 144 hours of training sessions.

Journeyman Plumber

You must present certified verification showing a least 8000 hours of work placement as an apprentice mechanic to be authorized for an Idaho state journeyman plumber license. Prepare and sign the validated Application for Journeyman Plumber License to the Department of Building Code in Meridian, Idaho, along with the registration fees. When the Division accepts the petition, an Examination Registration form will be sent to the test center, which the respondents must answer. Gainesville Independent Testing Services administers the plumber exam.

There are no master plumbing licenses in Idaho, and Journeyman is the senior-most place.

Journeyman Plumbing Exam

All Idaho plumbing tests are open books, and the assessment bulletin includes suitable exam materials. To arrange your trial, contact (800) 955-3044 at least two working days before the date you want to exam. The journeyman exam is available at three regional examination centers in Idaho.

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Master Plumbing Service Provider

  • Must show the confirmation to the board that they have worked lawfully as a piping journeyman for at least 2.5 years (30 months).
  • Complete a certified request for a driver’s license.
  • Please enter your Social Security number.
  • Include a photocopy of a government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, or military ID).
  • The registration cost must be paid.
  • Pay $75 and pass the board’s test.
  • Must post a $2,000 compliance bond that is valid for the term of the contractor’s license.
  • Pay an annual cost of $108 to renew your license.

The Procedure for Obtaining a Plumber’s License in Idaho

  • You must be at least 16 years old to participate.
  • Apply to the State of Idaho Division of Building Safety for apprentice registration, completing all procedures, and paying a fee.
  • Complete at least entry-level job (8,000 hours of on-the-job instruction and 576 hours of instruction) while employed by a licensed contractor and working under the supervision of a licensed journeyman, reviving the enrollment to maintain it existing so that all of your time counts toward the necessary professional experience to be a journeyman.
  • Complete the journeyman licensing test.
  • Operate as a journeyman engineer for a licensed contractor eternally, renewing your license every year; OR
  • Operate as a licensed journeyman for 2.5 years (30 months) under the supervision of a qualified contractor.
  • Provide a $2,000 compliance bond that is valid for the duration of your professional license.
  • Take the contractor licensing test.
  • Renewal of the license is required once a year.

Idaho Plumber Training programs and schools

Plumbers are in charge of much more than just repairing leaks and blockages. They must understand more than simply engineering to build, construct, and refurbish systems that transport liquids or gases, and they must be familiar with the construction regulations. Wiring, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning are recognized trades in Idaho that need membership, traineeship, and eventually a journeyman’s license to operate in the sector. In Idaho, there are various institutions and union or cooperative apprenticeship training institutes that provide this instruction.

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The Electrician Apprenticeship at North Idaho College Vocational Learning Center is a Licensed Program with the United States Department of interior Apprenticeship and Idaho. The plumbing apprenticeship is a four-year, $6,100 curriculum.

Indeed or Zip job postings Apprenticeship roles are commonly listed on the recruiter or other job sites for entry-level employment with construction businesses. Your company will pay for your education as you are a good worker and obtain good marks. You can also look for a union internship or attempt to find one on the Idaho Department of Labor Apprenticeship website, which fulfills national criteria for US Department of Labor registration. Apprenticeships with the Department of Labor are recognized all around the country, so your qualifications will follow you wherever you go.

License Reciprocity in Idaho

To be licensed via reciprocity in Idaho, you must have previously held a journeyman plumber license in one of the places listed below and complete the following requirements:

  • Montana requires a one-year approval.
  • Oregon requires a six-month permit.
  • Washington — has to be a permanent Washington citizen.

Idaho has reciprocity with Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming for technician licenses. Obtain a copy of your existing driver’s consent to the entire project. Idaho has interoperability with Utah and Wyoming for master electricians, and Idaho accepts master electrician certification from several states. Your Utah or Wyoming driver’s license should be included in your application.

License Renewal in Idaho

All Idaho electrician licenses and renewals must be for a three-year term, beginning at issuing and ending three years afterward. You must pay the reactivation charge if you skip your renewal date. Submit your renewal money and proof of completion of the professional standards to the Division at any point during the last month of your license tenure. Registrations for apprenticeships are valid for five years.


Costs associated with apprenticeship plumbers are usually not very high. For example, if you want to become a training or apprenticeship plumber, you will have to pay $50 as the registration fee is $50. After that, you will have to pay $15 for application submission. The total cost for anyone with a tuition license is $55, which is not too much. You will only have to pay $45 if you are a journeyman plumber. The fees for master electricians are a bit higher. For example, for getting a master plumber license, you will have to pay $65. The renewal process of the master plumber will be $25.

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Starting a career as a plumber in Idaho may be relatively inexpensive, and you’ll need to look for an apprenticeship or program. If you get entry-level employment, your employer will most likely cover the cost of your required classroom training. The majority of those who do so will do so as compensation for classes taken at a regional or technological college and receiving a minimum of a B or C. You may also register in a plumbing program at a regional or vocational college, which will cost you money but could lead to an apprentice position because you’ve distinguished yourself as a better candidate. Apprenticeships are also available through unions and trade groups.

License Reciprocity in Idaho

Idaho cooperates with Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming for mechanic licenses. Attached is a copy of your existing driver’s consent to the concession agreement. Idaho has interoperability with Utah and Wyoming for master electricians, and Idaho accepts master electrician certification from several states. Your Utah or Wyoming driver’s license should be included in your request.

Insurance for Plumber in Idaho

As a plumbing contractor in Idaho, you must have enough professional indemnity insurance to protect yourself if you cause harm or destruction while doing your service. Your insurance should cover any subcontractors you engage if they operate under your direction if you have the correct coverage in place.


Everyone nowadays wants anything done right away, yet the adage “good things come to those who wait” is still valid for a reason. To become a licensed plumber, there is no fast route, and you should know the whole process for how to become a licensed plumber in Idaho. Because reliable piping is as much an issue of safety and health as it is of comfort, authorities in practically every state believe that all plumbers should have a minimum level of education and skill. In Idaho, becoming a plumber is a straightforward procedure based on the apprenticeship model used in many other jurisdictions.


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