How to Become a Licensed Electrician in Mississippi: License Requirements and Guide

It is one thing to desire to become something. It is another thing to take steps towards actually making it a reality. 

Becoming an electrician is not just about liking the profession and wanting to become one. While this is a great way to start, it goes beyond that. It is about being ready to go through the hard work it requires and preparing to make the sacrifices it takes.

In Mississippi, deciding to become an electrician is an excellent choice. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), positions for electricians in the state are growing at 4 percent from 2018 to 2028. Those who start training now are at a better chance of filling the significant positions that would be available few years from now.

Like every profession, becoming an electrician requires some steps and fulfillment of certain conditions. Below are the requirements to become a licensed electrician in Mississippi: 

Step 1 Acquire the Training and Hands-on Experience Required to Get Licensed

This can be achieved through apprenticeship or technical school programs. 

If you opt for a technical school, be sure to offer comprehensive industrial/commercial/residential electrical programs that will prepare you to work in any setting. These programs are designed to prepare graduates for entry-level positions as electrician’s helpers or electrical apprentices and provide one of the required qualifications necessary to earn a contractor’s license through the Mississippi State Board of Contractors.

These programs consist primarily of hands-on training in a shop environment, along with classroom instruction. You will be taught about industrial wiring, commercial wiring, residential wiring, motor control systems, AC and DC circuits, solid-state motor control, and many more in your program.

After this program, you will be given a certificate of completion in Electrical Systems Technology which will, in turn, give you an advantage at entry-level positions with electrical contracting companies in Mississippi.

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If you decide to go for an apprenticeship program, you’ll be required to:

  • Register locally as an apprentice. This is done by completing the apprenticeship application;
  • Provide a copy of your birth certificate;
  • Provide a copy of your social security card;
  • Provide a copy of valid Mississippi driver’s license;
  • Provide a copy of an official transcript, including all high school and college courses you have taken. You could also present a GED certificate;
  • Provide records of any courses taken that are mandatory for admission into the apprenticeship program;
  • You need to reside within the union’s jurisdiction.
  • Pay an application fee of $25
  • Pass an aptitude test.
  • Pass an admissions interview.

You could decide to join a union for your apprenticeship or do otherwise. Being a union member would mean you are becoming a dues-paying, card-carrying member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

Union apprenticeships through the IBEW and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Electrical Training Alliance are available at the following Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee locations in Mississippi:

  • Corinth-Tupelo Miss. JATC in Corinth
  • Gulfport JATC
  • Jackson JATC in Byram
  • Meridian Area Electricians JATC in Meridian

If you opt for a non-union apprenticeship program, that is fine too. Through the Mid-South Independent Electrical Contractors or Mid-South IEC, you can find available non-union apprenticeship programs located across the border in Memphis, Tennessee.

They are also available directly through local electrical contractors or explore options available through the Mississippi Construction Education Foundation (MCEF).

Step 2 – Qualify for a Primary Electrician License by Passing the Required Examination. 

Exams are based on the National Electric Code, and questions cover the following areas:

  • General Electrical Knowledge
  • Conductors and Cables
  • Electrical Power
  • Motors
  • Lighting
  • Illuminated Signs
  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
  • Safety Information
  • Special Occupancies and Equipment
  • Low Voltage
  • Raceways and Boxes
  • Grounding and Bonding
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During the examination, you might get the chance to refer to the National Electrical Code. 

Before you get issued the license, you must have passed the examination, which means getting 70 to 75%.

Step 3 – Qualify for an Electrical Contractor License 

You can always go a step further if you do not mind bidding on jobs independently and hiring a team of electricians. All you need do is take the state’s exam to become an Electrical contractor. 

When you become a licensed electrical contractor, you are authorized to:

  • Perform any unrestricted electrical work statewide and this needs to be within the scope of either residential or commercial domains as determined by the specific license you hold
  • As a licensed electrical contractor, you can hire and employ electricians and other staff
  • You can also be able to bid for jobs as an independent electrical contractor.

You must have worked under a master’s license for a minimum of 4 years and have certification from an electrical trade school before applying to become a licensed electrical contractor in Mississippi. However, if you have a four-year degree, you only need an extra one year of experience working under a master electrician.

The following must be taken into consideration when filling out your application:

  • You must register with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office if you already have a corporation, LLC, or LLP before applying for Contractor Licensure;
  • Be sure to obtain a Mississippi Income Tax ID Number or Federal Tax ID Number before applying from the Mississippi Department of Revenue;
  • You must provide a general liability insurance coverage certificate. This insurance coverage need to show the current coverage and MSBOC listed on the policy to be notified in the event of cancellation of coverage;
  • If you have five or more employees, you will need to provide a certificate of insurance showing current workers’ compensation coverage;
  • You also need to provide three reference letters; one from your bank and two from persons you have worked for or with on construction projects
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The exam that qualifies you as an electrical contractor consists of two portions: 1) Master Electrician and Mississippi Law and 2) Business Management.

The Master Electrician exam consists of 80 questions. To scale through successfully, you must get at least 70 percent.

On the other hand, the Law and Business Management portion of the exam consists of 50 questions long, and you have two hours to complete it. Passing this also requires you to get at least 70 percent of the questions.

Electrician License Renewal in Mississippi 

Your electrical license has to be renewed annually as long as you intend to continue practicing in Mississippi. 

As a courtesy, the renewal application to current licensees will be sent by mail by the Mississippi State Board of Contractors (MSBOC) approximately 60 days before the expiration date listed on the certificate of licensure.

Electrician License Reciprocity in Mississippi

The State of Mississippi has the reciprocity agreement with the following boards:

  • Alabama General Contractors Board
  • Alabama Electrical Board
  • Georgia Board of Residential and General Contractors
  • Louisiana Licensing Board for Contractors
  • North Carolina Electrical Contractors Board
  • South Carolina Contractors Licensing Board
  • Tennessee Board for Licensing General Contractor

Despite this recognition, there is still a need to take the Mississippi Law and Business Management examination if you intend to become licensed as a contractor in Mississippi.

Final Words

Indeed, the steps to becoming an electrician in Mississippi might seem like a long one; difficult maybe but not unachievable. So, brace yourself for the journey ahead. The best time to start your pursuit as an electrician in Mississippi is now.

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