How To Become A Licensed Plumber In South Dakota?

A plumber’s license will be handled by a section of the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation, similar to how an electrical contractor license is administered. Your plumber’s license, on the other hand, will need you to fulfill the South Dakota Plumbing Commission’s criteria.

Because plumbing licenses are issued by the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation, unlike general contracting licenses, they are set at the state and local levels. As a result, there is only one way to get a plumbing license in South Dakota, which entails on-the-job training, classroom instruction, and passing tests.

Apprenticeship Requirements in South Dakota

There is a little distinction here between a plumber’s apprentice license application and a journeyman license registration, despite the fact that they are all on the same form.

To obtain an apprentice’s license, you must demonstrate that you have met the following specifications:

  • Under guidance of a plumbing contractor, two years (3,800 hours) of training, education, and help in the installation, alteration, and maintenance of infrastructure.
  • Take and pass a state-administered exam.
  • During the third and fourth years, apprentices will be eligible to function under monitoring, but only in solitary homes and after passing a state-administered test.

Plumbing Apprenticeships in South Dakota

If you want to work as a plumbing apprentice in South Dakota but don’t know how to look in the right places, we recommend that you visit the following project sites on a regular basis:

  • Simply Employed
  • ZipRecruiter

You can also use the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation website, which provides several options for employees and companies to register as apprentices.

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When deciding where to begin your apprenticeship, make sure to search up and verify a plumber’s license to ensure that the employer is licensed and that the license is current.

Plumbing Journeyman License Requirements in South Dakota

The very first thing is to fill out a plumbing form, which will ask for details such as your prior job history, the amount of time you employed during that time, and the task you did during that time.

To be eligible for a journeyman license, candidates must first earn an apprentice’s license and serve as an apprentice for at least 1,900 hours per year for 4 years.

You must satisfy the following requirements in order to obtain your journeyman license:

  • Comply with state regulations
  • Have four years of experience as a plumber’s apprentice.
  • During your four years as an apprentice, you must have worked at least 1,900 hours every year. Army plumbing certification is granted at a pace of one for every two years in the military, limited to a total of 5 years.
  • Fill out the form for a journeyman plumber.
  • Submit the $205 application service fee, which can never be refunded in any case.
  • Attach signed and documented statements from current and past employers, stating the employment history, the number of hours worked during the job, and the type of job done while employment.
  • Pass the plumber test in South Dakota.

Exams in Plumbing

You must study for the South Dakota plumber test, and the topics on which you must concentrate are listed below:

  • Administration\sDefinitions
  • General Requirements
  • Fixtures, Faucets, and Fixture Fittings in Plumbing
  • Heaters for Water
  • Water Distribution and Supply
  • Indirect and Special Waste Vents for Sanitary Drainage
  • Separators, interceptors, and traps
  • Appendices on Storm Drainage
  • Practical Application (Hands-On)

Pierre, Sioux Falls, and Rapid City, South Dakota are the cities where you may take the exam to become a licensed journeyman.

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Exams must be booked and paid for via the online licensing and payment system of the South Dakota Plumbing Commission.

Plumbing Contractor License Requirements in South Dakota

People who wish to obtain a South Dakota plumbing contractor license must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Have at least 2 years of experience as a plumbing subcontractor, Plumber as a construction worker, or plumber’s apprenticeship out of a total of six years.
  • Have worked as a plumbing contractor, plumber, or plumber’s apprentice for at least 1,900 hours each year for the past six years.
  • Fill out an application for a plumber contractor.
  • Pay the $375 application processing cost, which is non-refundable.
  • Include written statements from current and prior employers, including dates of employment, the number of hours performed during full-time work, and the nature of the job done while work experience.
  • Pass the plumber test in South Dakota.

South Dakota Plumbing Trade Schools

In South Dakota, there are many key locations where plumbers can begin their apprenticeships. Some are:

  • Krohmer Plumbing – Michell, SD Midwestern Mechanical Rapid, Inc.
  • Sioux Falls, SD based Krohmer Plumbing
  • Western Dakota Tech is a technical college in western Dakota.

The renewal of a plumber’s license in South Dakota

Annually, at the end of September, the Plumbing Commission issues recertification notifications, and licenses must be updated in order to be operational.

Licensed plumbers must do the following steps:

  • Earn the 4-hour ongoing training requirement.
  • Submit the renewal cost by mailing a credit or direct deposit with their invoices, or they can go to, set up an account, and pay online.
  • Proof of your regular training is required.

The following are the fees for renewing a South Dakota plumbing license:

  • Plumbing contractor $275;
  • $105 for a journeyman plumber;
  • Plumber with Restricted License $110
  • Journeyman Plumber with Restrictions $55,
  • Plumbers in training (3rd year): $10

Salary of plumber in SD

Plumbers in South Dakota earn significantly less than plumbers in other states, with a maximum annual salary of only $56293. However, with more experience and expertise in the field of plumbing, the earning potential can be enhanced significantly.

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In South Dakota, the average plumber salary is $ 49204.

Professional Licenses in South Dakota

Visit the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation’s licensee roster database, which is maintained by the South Dakota Board of Technical Professions, to search up and/or authenticate a plumber’s license.

Reciprocity of Plumbing Licenses in South Dakota

If a requisite fee is paid and a person presently possesses a license that the South Dakota Plumbing Commission deems similar to a South Dakota plumbers license, the South Dakota Plumbing Commission has reciprocal agreements with other states.

The following states have plumbing licenses that are regarded as equal to those issued by the South Dakota Plumbing Commission:

  • Minnesota
  • Montana,
  • North Dakota
  • Colorado

Insurance for plumber in SD

South Dakota Handyman Liability Insurance – SD is a crucial sort of insurance for anyone who performs unusual yet highly specialized work.

Here’s why plumbers need insurance.

It’s a major problem to deal with, from the constant dripping noise to the mold and mildew caused by the extra water.

To find the source of the leak, you’ll need some experience, which you may get from a skilled plumber. You may always hire a plumber to complete the task, but this will be more expensive.

Plumbing handymen can repair this type of leak, as well as spills and problems linked to dishwashers, bathrooms, and even leaks beneath vanities.

Additional Information

You should also be aware of a few other elements of becoming a plumber.

Plumbers, for example, may only utilize their license in the state where it was issued, with little chance of it being accepted in another state.

Those with a plumbing license from another state can use the license reciprocity agreement in South Dakota to receive a license here as well.

The following are the requirements:

That the state belongs to one of the following groups:

  • Minnesota
  • North Dakota is a state in North America.
  • Montana
  • Colorado

to cover the cost.

These professions can get experience in a variety of related fields, including:

  • Distributor or engineer of sewer and water systems
  • Contractor or installation of appliances
  • Technician or subcontractor of water conditioning
  • Operator or contractor for mobile homes
  • Supplier or contractor of underground irrigation


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